Been a long time since I drew with pens.


This guy.


Aria, Grumpy Gus, and Jelly Beans.


Head Lopper 1 is on  here: 


Head Lopper 2 has been approved, availability date still pending.

Thanks! -A


Bad hose.

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Tekkonkinkreet, one of my favorite movies.  -A

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When I’m trying to figure out how to caricature a character, I make an exaggerated tracing over a photo of the person’s face. This helps me understand the proportions of the head. Not that this is the best way, but it helps me. #process #caricature #bigtroubleinlittlechina #wip #comics

Likeness advice from Mr. Churilla, whose cartoon likenesses are uncanny. It seems so obvious, but I wouldn’t have though of it.  -A

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Two pinups from the Hellboy universe. Hellboy himself, which I did as a warm up to the short story I drew earlier this year to celebrate 20 years of Hellboy, and an image of Abe for last years drastic changes in Abe’s story.

These originals will be available at the Beguiling booth (#1629) during SDCC.

Wow! These are great. I particularly like Fabio’s Abe here -A

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Best cat I ever drew, in my opinion.


One of my favorite panels so far… For whatever reason.


Its Guardians of The Galaxy month at Multiversity Comics. Multiversity will be auctioning off the art to benefit Rocket Raccoon creator, Bill Mantlo.

Here’s more about Bill:

If you’re interested in getting your hands on this piece or just want to support Bill’s cause, look for more information about the auction in coming weeks.


Abandoned subway tunnels. Maybe don’t write then into your script, because then you have to draw them. Actually inking the rubble is pretty fun.

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A comiXologist Recommends:
Eric Arroyo recommends Head Lopper #1

Head Lopper is a rich and kinetic comic that explores the essence of sword and sorcery.

This opening story follows Norgal, the titular Head Lopper, to Scotland, where his profession of hired decapitator brings him into conflict with a towering beast. But his challenges only begin with feats of extreme violence, traveling through a world of corrupted morals and cursed with the heckling of a witch’s severed head.

Norgal is a mile-wide warrior of few words, and neither he nor cartoonist andrewmaclean has much need for those. MacLean depicts a battle of great combatants and greater stakes with precision and clarity; his streamlined art style breaks each beat of action down to its essential elements, yet never loses any dynamism in the process. Coupled with meticulously laid out panels, the visual storytelling keeps the reader involved with every step of the chaotic battle. Even in the book’s quieter moments, MacLean’s page structure and use of clear icons show a strong sense of visual timing that brings the page to life.

And that world that MacLean and colorist Mike Spicer bring to life is harsh and brooding, ripe with desolate architecture and complicated characters. Spicer’s colors add a haze of dread that grounds the comic’s over-the-top adventure. While the action-adventure storytelling is thrilling and efficient, the carefully curated details of the world surrounding Norgal’s adventure highlight its unique flavor, revealing a place where greedy men are the true monsters, sinister magic lurks behind every pebble, and a man finds his own way to stand for justice.

If the pulp adventure of gailsimone and Walter Geovani’s Red Sonja makes you let out a barbarian roar, or if you’re haunted by the gloomy fantasy in Becky Cloonan’s The Mire, swing for the neck with Head Lopper!

[Pick up Head Lopper #1 here!]

For fans of: comedyfantasymythology

Eric Alexander Arroyo is a Brooklyn-based cartoonist and a Digital Editor at comiXology. He’s probably drawing giant robots or listening to ABBA.

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OOSA Digest

Nathan Fox provided the cover art for FBP #12 out in stores today. Click here for a preview of the issue. Rico Renzi and Robbi Rodriguez are doing a great job on the interior art.

Andrew MacLean’s Head Lopper #1 went up on this morning for only $1.99!! If you’re old fashioned, though, he still has physical copies in his store.

Paul Maybury has did pinup of Norgal in the back of Head Lopper Part Two (which I’ve probably shown you before) that ended up right next to a certain other artist you probably recognize. 

Alexis Ziritt has copies of The Package in the OOSA store. You should buy one.

Greg Ruth is cranking out the pages for his next book, INDEH, written by Ethan Hawke.

Liz Suburbia posted some doodles in her sketchbook. Remember, details on her big project will be announced at SDCC in just a few weeks.

Logan Faerber posted a big piece that he’s been working on. Follow him on twitter to see progress shots.

It was announced that Ming Doyle is going to be providing the art for The Kitchen from Vertigo Comics. Issue #1 is set to be out this November.

Toby Cypress is working on a few things right now, including an art book! Maybe this piece he showed a peek at will be included.

Chris Visions is working on getting some new things ready for the OOSA Print Shop.

And speaking of the OOSA Print Shop… Now that it’s up and running, I’m having a contest where you could win a free print of your choice. The details can be found here

As always, you can find more OOSA news and updates on Twitter, Instagram and online at

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