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There was a lot going on over the last week or so, but here is the stuff I can tell you about.

Paul Maybury finished up some commissions from his sale last month. If you ordered one, they should be on their way to you soon.

Toby Cypress showed a little peek at the piece he is doing for the Monocyte Hardcover Collected Edition from IDW. If you want to see the finished version, stop by our booth (#903) at Spectrum LIVE! next month.

Andrew MacLean has copies of his comic MEATSPACE for sale online. You can get a print or digital copy here.

Ming Doyle’s alternative cover for Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens was shown over at ComicsAlliance.com. I think people liked it.

Logan Faerber hinted at a major announcement by showing a page of a six issue RE-PRO-DUCT story. More details to come, I’m sure.

Alexis Ziritt knocked out an amazing 18x24 inch commission for some lucky patron. Fans of the TV show “Angel” might recognize these guys.

Greg Ruth sent me all of the art for the Princess and Pirate Art Exhibit happening this weekend. It should be a good time. All of the art is for sale, but if you can’t make it to Bristol, VA this weekend, don’t worry. What ever is left will be listed online in the OOSA store. 

And speaking of this weekend, Andrew, Ming and Logan will all be at the Boston Comic Con selling their wares, drawing stuff and talking to all of the fine folks in attendance.  Be sure you swing by and see what they have!

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