Just wanted to add that this book is going to be very big deal. It’s like a license to create for these guys and they are SERIOUSLY HUGE talents. Some names you will know and love and others you will fall head over heels for. Look forward to this.  -Andrew


Coming Soon: Brand New Nostalgia to Kickstarter!

Later this month Brand New Nostalgia, in association with Out Of Step Arts, will begin a Kickstarter campaign to publish their first anthology book, kaBOOMbox.

This 200+ page full-color book will feature many of the beautiful theme pieces from the blog, bios of all the artists, as well as exclusive all-new comic stories from BNN and OOSA artists.

There’ll be some amazing incentives for those that donate to this project: original sketches, limited prints, comic pages, and much more!

Follow us here, on Facebook, and on Twitter for up-to-the-date info on this project.

Thanks for your support!

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