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A pinup I did for The Victories #5 from Dark Horse and Michael Avon Oeming… I just love drawing Faustus.  -AM


Here is a scan of the paints from my Zatoichi piece before all the digital colors and before we edited the sheathed sword to be the sword itself.


As mentioned yesterday, and I’m sure many have seen it bounce around the internet now… but I contributed some cover art for Criterion Collection’s rerelease of the classic movies Zatoichi. I great honor and very fun.

Here was my illustration for Zatoichi Meets the One-Armed Swordsman.

For more info on the project and the other AMAZING artists:


Apocalypse Tarot: Judgement

Ink, black watercolor, white acrylic.


I put some grey tones on the ALIENS piece.


An ALIENS commission.

This was a lot of fun. Gotta love ALIENS.


Some Head Lopper “fan art.” This is great. I laughed pretty hard at this. Thanks Ben!  -AM


Inspired by @andrewmaclean ‘s head lopper.

(via bensears)


I painted this Hellboy last night when I should have been working on pages. I just put some color behind it when I should have been working on pages. If I know one thing about being self-employed its that there is no such thing as free time. You should probably always be working on pages.

And no, I don’t know what Hellboy is looking at… probably something cool though.  -A


Final cover to my new comic HEAD LOPPER.

Now available for PRE-ORDER here:

When I first started creating comics I wrote the stories I was drawing. Those pages got me work with other writers, and that work has been my source of income for the last couple years. As immensely grateful as I am to those writers, there has been a constant itch to get back to my writing. Though I have many ideas piling up in the head-closet, HEAD LOPPER is the first piece of my writing that is being “published.” When I decided to sit down and pump out HEAD LOPPER: Part One I didn’t have a long term goal of pitching or publishers and any of that business stuff. I just wanted to create something that was entirely mine, something that was REAL. I wanted it so bad, and still do. I just wrote it and paced it with out regard for length or industry standards or any of that bullshit. 

That said, I hope you find HEAD LOPPER to be what it was intended to be: a stand-alone piece of art, cover to cover. Every square milimeter was fine tuned by me and I’m proud to have something to call my own in 2013.

So on the business front, what will become of HEAD LOPPER? Will a publisher pick it up? Will I go broke paying for printing? I have no idea. But I think I succeeded in what I set out to do… To not create a “comic” but tell a story through pictures and words.

… what the fuck am I talking about. It’s a comic.

Hope you dig,  -AM


The Art of Andrew MacLean

I finally took folks’ recommendations and made a separate FB page dedicated to my art and comics. I’d be honored if you swung by and clicked “LIKE”. Slowly but surely I’ll move art related posts to that page.

Thanks so much! -AM



I’m LOVING Mike Spicer's colors on these HEAD LOPPER PAGES. Really looks like Scotland… from what pictures tell me.

Inks of a panel from HEAD LOPPER.

Inks of a panel from HEAD LOPPER.



Some of you have been kind enough to ask me about my plans for my new comic HEAD LOPPER. Thanks for the interest.

First, this print will be available shortly through a new online storefront (NOT OPEN YET) as soon as the prints arrive at my doorstep.

I have nothing nailed down in regards to the book but here’s what I’m thinking. While I plan on pitching it around I can’t put all my eggs in one basket and assume it will actually play out. So in the meantime I plan on self publishing it to sell in the store and at cons. My goal is to have it no later than June.

ALSO amazing colorist Mike Spicer is coloring HEAD LOPPER as we speak and it looks awesome!!! Thanks Mike!

OK, I hope you’ll still be interested come June. Thanks so much.



 Here’s a pinup I just did for Jai Nitz in support of his new book DREAM THIEF out through Dark Horse later this year. I got to read issue one and it’s a really rad book. Already in issue one you start thinking it’s going one way and your wrong. Very Guy Ritchie. I’m looking forward to it.


Here’s some Mike Spicer coloring Head Lopper.