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Wanted to share a little piece of the work I’ve been doing on MEATSPACE… that and I had a blast on this background!



This week at Brand New Nostalgia { } we honored AKIRA KUROSAWA, the legendary filmmaker. Kurosawa made a handful of classic samurai films. I’m a big fan of the Samurai genre but the only one of his films I’ve seen is Yojimbo. So I decided to just draw a more generic Samurai piece.

I’ve been wanting to do a Samurai piece for a while that would be reminiscent of traditional Japanese samurai art. With the long angled eyes, big round chins, awkward poses, calligraphy, and other ornaments, so I took the opportunity here to take a stab at it.


A little something something for something.



This week at Brand New Nostalgia we are honoring the great Moebius. This is my contribution. I really wanted to draw his reoccurring design of the tall cap and weird pterodactyl things but I really felt like drawing a girl so I just kind of used his design sensibility … Well, I tried to. 

The colors I copied pretty much directly from his pieces, opening a bunch in Photoshop along side my piece and used the dropper tool. Those Moebius/French pallets are so iconic and I really wanted to capture it. The bright, soft colors are too fun.

I hope you enjoy! Thanks for checking it out!  -Andrew


Raul Trevino @ Comicbook Snob!

My man, and BRAND NEW NOSTALGIA Rock star, Raul Trevino has an awesome interview with the VERY cool guys at Comicbook Snob. Check it out, dude is the man!  -Andrew


SE7EN is on of my favorite movies. I think it’s perfect.


At Brand New Nostalgia this week we all did HORROR themed pieces. Not sure if this flick is “horror,” if not it’s damn close.



Get an 8 page preview PDF of my new book MEATSPACE FOR FREEEEEE!!! Just shoot me an email at and I’ll FW it to you! No strings attached. Feel free to let others know, the more the merrier. Thanks.  -Andrew



The very cool guys at the Hideous Energy podcast “hung out” with me yesterday. We talked about comics and movies and some random shit too. You can give it a listen here: Thanks again to those guys and to you for checking it out! Much love, -A!


Hey guys, 

I have two interviews today (9/29). One with (11am) and the other with Hideous Energy [link] (10pm). The latter is a podcast but I’m not sure if it’s live. Either way tune to hear/read me ramble on and on about art/comics/life. 

Thanks for the suport. 
Much Love, Andrew


Still trying to work this design out…

You can pre-order MEATSPACE here.


More MEATSPACE designs…

Each MEATSPACE character (for the most part) has two designs. The character’s design in the “real” world (meatspace) and their design in Dungeon World, the world-crazed MMORPG. In an age of advanced personal technology, many people “live” their lives through this game. 

Our main character Lance (LINK & LINK) is on a rampage searching for his son, Johnny’s murderer. This is a design for Johnny while in the game. It will get a few tweaks for the book but this is his first pass.

As a heads up, you can still pre-order MEATSPACE. For $10 we will send a copy hot off the presses. Get the book and other little goodies HERE.


Maximillian here is a character from my upcoming comic MEATSPACE, written by Josh Gorfain. 

In the MEATSPACE universe, cosmetic surgery is not only common place, it’s extreme. Even to the point of bionic limbs. Max here has taken it to a whole new level. His character in Dungeon World (MMORPG), for which he is famous, is a giant ape. Max wanted to be as much like his character as possible and not only had himself become ape-like in appearance but had a CPU implanted in his head so he can be in-game at any point. 

His tall hat covers the gadgets and gizmos sticking out of his goofy monkey dome piece.


For those of you interested in grabbing issue one of MEATSPACE, head over here and drop just $10 and we will send it to you as soon as we get them in. There are a bunch of other goodies still available too! Thanks!  -A


The last two weeks were crazy. I had a pretty insane bachelor party here in Jersey, then spent a week in Massachusetts at my mother in-law’s in a final effort to get my new wife and I’s wedding in order, we got hitched then ran off to an amazing honeymoon on the beautiful island of Aruba. It’s all a fantastic blur and we’ve never been happier!

That said, I hadn’t drawn anything for TWO WEEKS!

I don’t know about anyone else but when I go a little while without drawing I get this paranoia that for whatever reason I’ve forgotten how to draw all together haha and I actually get a little nervous when I finally sit down again. RIDICULOUS! I know. I can even laugh a little while feeling it, but it’s there nonetheless. So, when I did sit down yesterday, finally, I had to do something for fun to work out some of the cobwebs.

About the image: While watching a little TV in Aruba I was struck by some images of Libyan rebels. Something about “rebels” is so compelling, even scary. Something about people wearing casual clothing while slinging huge machine guns is unnerving. You see some people with a button down shirt and dockers but they have their faces wrapped like ninjas, a machete hangs at there side and an assault rifle in hand. Intense imagery. Like the fact that there attitude contradicts there outfit makes them seem completely unpredictable. 

I had to draw one.

The reference I used for this guy was an image of a rebel on the roof of a van in route and he waves to civilians; beconing and pleading with them to leave the area. His actual facial expression was one of concern but I added some ferocity because my version of “concern” looked more like fear and worry and it lost all intensity.



I wrote a script about a month or so ago called ETHAN of SPACE. Here’s the idea:

50 year in our future a rogue radio signal is being transmitted from the planet Neptune, a planet made of gas. A deep space mission has been assembled to investigate the seemingly impossible event. In this age of space exploration, deep space missions are piloted by super computers and manned only by a single human computer engineer whose only objective is to maintain the working order of the computer. Apart from that, they have no business on the craft.

 Ethan is the engineer assigned to the 10-year-long Neptune mission.

 By the time Ethan returns from Neptune, he will have spent half of his life alone in deep space. This has undoubtedly rocked his ability to interact with humans and he now finds solace in the silent cold black of space.

 This particularly important mission has been deemed the perfect inaugural run of the super computer ED100 (nicknamed “Edie”) the first computer with enough intelligence to make it’s own decisions on a moment-to-moment basis. Some rather over-philosophical scientists argue it even has the capability of imagination.

 Over the coming years on the way to Neptune, Edie is able to slowly break down the walls Ethan has built around him. A strange uncomfortable question starts rattling the reader’s brain, “is this dude falling in love with his PC? That is messed up, man.” Over those 10 years and 30 or so pages the two star-crossed lovers go through several adventures bringing them closer, but none of which can prepare them for the Neptune experience.

 A closer look at the nature of our own reality is brought outright when we realize Neptune is undeniably an egg of a truly ethereal cosmic entity beyond our own understanding and our characters have inadvertently released it from it’s embryonic prison. Is it a planet devourer? Is it a god? Who knows, but it’s free to do as it wishes.

 We are a miniscule rung on an infinite ladder. 

I’ve already said more than I should have so I won’t divulge any more.

As of right now, I’m not sure what to do with the script. I’ve got other things going on. But it’s story I would really like to tell. 30 pages isn’t much thought, just a one-off, so I’m not sure what a good home would be.

Any suggestions?