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by Andrew MacLean with Seth Peck’s blessing.

With NYCC right around the corner, the BAD KARMA gents are gearing up for some very cool stuff. This is one of those things.

There will only be 50 of these bad boys so get one while the getting can be got.  -Andrew


I’m just gonna… leave this here… #Kickstarter #October


HEAD LOPPER 2: The Wolves of Barra (written and drawn by me, colors byMike Spicer) will be on Kickstarter during the month of October to raise funds to cover production costs.

This chapter is over-sized. It will be 40 pages of story with a HUGE pinup gallery… I may have gotten carried away.

The fund raiser will have a bunch of rewards: copies of Head Lopper 1 and 2, digital and tangible, autographed prints, sketches, commissions, and lots of original art including this piece here which is also the lines for the artwork of a limited edition “Wolves of Barra” t-shirt.

More info as it becomes available, but hopefully… you are already excited.

Thanks! -AM


Here is a scan of the paints from my Zatoichi piece before all the digital colors and before we edited the sheathed sword to be the sword itself.


I put some grey tones on the ALIENS piece.


One of my more favorite HEAD LOPPER panels…

Pre-order the whole book here:

Release date is May 29th. Orders ship as soon as books arrive!

Thanks! -AM


The Art of Andrew MacLean

I finally took folks’ recommendations and made a separate FB page dedicated to my art and comics. I’d be honored if you swung by and clicked “LIKE”. Slowly but surely I’ll move art related posts to that page.

Thanks so much! -AM


Page 3 of Department O #1 with Jamie Gambell and Heather Breckel. 

You can get it here:

Thanks!  -AM


A Galactus with Silver Surfer commission I just completed. 


It’s been almost 2 YEARS since I drew this story!

Rogue Lawman: The Woman at Screaming Squaw is out June 19th through Image Comics in Outlaw Territories 3.

Story: Peter Brandvold

Art: myself

Color: Cris Peter

I really loved working with these two. Both are SO talented and really super friendly. 

Hope you guys check it out.  -Andrew

Photo Set

HEAD LOPPER SAMPLE: First 5 pages (colored).  

Art & Story: Andrew MacLean

Colors: Mike Spicer

For those who don’t know, this is my latest project. I know I’ve posted a few pages but here they are in order and next to each other so you can actually “read” the thing.

HEAD LOPPER is still being colored but once it’s wrapped up (and pending the unforeseen) it should be available here:

Hope you dig. Much love, Andrew



 Here’s a pinup I just did for Jai Nitz in support of his new book DREAM THIEF out through Dark Horse later this year. I got to read issue one and it’s a really rad book. Already in issue one you start thinking it’s going one way and your wrong. Very Guy Ritchie. I’m looking forward to it.


Here’s some lines from last week…


From a pitch I did with Kurtis Weibe. Lots of fun, went nowhere.  -A


Yank Shots: A project that regretfully never found its legs. Art by Andrew MacLean.

Source: kurtiswiebe

Devilman commission, 11x17