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Fourth World VS Asgard

Here’s another HELP ME GET TO HEROES commission. I LOVE drawing Kirby characters!


I’ve been dying to draw Galactus for a very long time, so I took advantage of that for this “Kirby Tribute” commission.

PS I’m still taking commissions to help pay for this summer’s con travel expenses. A commission like this is only $75, which is a great price considering how much time and energy I put into it. Drop me a line if interested. Thanks.


OMAC! I love drawing Kirby characters!!!

Another commission from an uber generous patron.


This week at Brand New Nostalgia it was my turn to choose a theme. I made them all draw Jack Kirby related pieces. I did this Mr. Miracle piece. I LOVE his design, plus the characters real name is SCOTT FREE haha cheese. If I learned one thing from this, it is that ONLY the King himself, Kirby, should draw Kirby-tech. WHEW! That was weird/tough! Won’t do it again haha.

Be sure to check out the other AMAZING Kirby pieces at the Brand New Nostalgia home (link below)


Andrew MacLean

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