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It was Alexis’ idea to include comics in the kaBOOMbox Volume One - Comic Anthology/Art Book by the Brand New Nostalgia and Out of Step Arts gang. You owe him your thanks!

ALSO! It was Alexis’ week to choose a theme at BNN. He chose POST-APOCALYPTIC BIKERS!!! - Very fun!

Please support Alexis, BNN, and OOSA by funding their AWESOME new book kaBOOMbox Volume One on KICKSTARTER!!! 


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The cover to kaBOOMbox: Volume One, the art book/anthology brought to you by Brand New Nostalgia with Out of Step Arts

The BNN site has been slow lately (sorry!) we’ve all been busy getting ready for this amazing book. I can honestly say it’s going to be a special one.

The Kickstarter for printing and shipping costs will start in about 2 weeks. And the incentives are phenomenal!

Original BNN pieces!

Commissioned sketches!

Original comic pages!

Limited addition prints!

So much more!

More on all this as we get closer to kick off!  -AM


I posted the colors to this yesterday. Here’s the lines.  -Andrew


The Losing Hand

Here’s a piece I did for a show at Floating World Comics in Portland, OR. The show is called Battles Without Honor and Humanity, and features pieces inspired by a film of the same name.

The film is about the Japanese gang, the Yakuza. I decided to do a piece showing their somewhat more humble beginnings. The Yakuza were first known as gamblers. The name YA-KU-ZA is literally a losing hand in a traditional card game, (8-9-3).

Another thing I found interesting, is when a member of the Yakuza wrongs the group in some way, the punishment is to sever one’s own fingers, starting with the small finger, and working up through the sets of fingers as needed. This is because, the traditional Japanese grip on a sword is the thumb and index finger loose with the rest of the fingers tight on the hilt. As a Yakuza continues to get punished, his sword grip is weakened more and more with each severed set of fingers, and as a result he has to depend on his brothers’ protection more and more.

Pretty cool. -Andrew


This is a print Toby Cypress and I put together for Heroes Con. If you’re not going to Heroes I think it will eventually be available through our representation here:

It was a great honor working with Toby. He’s been a major influence and a great dude. Hope you dig our collaboration.


This is my 35% of a jam with my man Toby Cypress. The print of it will be available at Heroes Con this weekend. You can find us both somewhere in tables #522-527. This print is badass. Toby always brings it. Hope to see you there.


Next weekend, June 22-24, I’ll be in Charlotte, North Carolina for Heroes Con. 

I’ll be at Indie Island table #522-527 with the rest of the Out of Step Arts Crew, including Toby Cypress, Alexis Ziritt, Paul Maybury, Logan Faeber, and Ming Doyle. I totally LOVE all of these guys and it’s an honor to be associated with them. So please come by, say hi, check out my work in person, buy some books, originals, prints, pages commissions. 

Also present will be my boys Joe DellaGatta, Tradd Moore and James Harren. You cannot miss their tables. Their art is AAAAAAMAZING, and they’re some of the coolest dudes on the planet. Sorry if I forgot to mention your name on that list, so many fantastic artists I’m looking forward to having a beer with. You know who you are.

It’s going to be a blast. See you there!!!

Photo Set


OOSA Digest

There was a lot going on over the last week or so, but here is the stuff I can tell you about.

Paul Maybury finished up some commissions from his sale last month. If you ordered one, they should be on their way to you soon.

Toby Cypress showed a little peek at the piece he is doing for the Monocyte Hardcover Collected Edition from IDW. If you want to see the finished version, stop by our booth (#903) at Spectrum LIVE! next month.

Andrew MacLean has copies of his comic MEATSPACE for sale online. You can get a print or digital copy here.

Ming Doyle’s alternative cover for Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens was shown over at I think people liked it.

Logan Faerber hinted at a major announcement by showing a page of a six issue RE-PRO-DUCT story. More details to come, I’m sure.

Alexis Ziritt knocked out an amazing 18x24 inch commission for some lucky patron. Fans of the TV show “Angel” might recognize these guys.

Greg Ruth sent me all of the art for the Princess and Pirate Art Exhibit happening this weekend. It should be a good time. All of the art is for sale, but if you can’t make it to Bristol, VA this weekend, don’t worry. What ever is left will be listed online in the OOSA store. 

And speaking of this weekend, Andrew, Ming and Logan will all be at the Boston Comic Con selling their wares, drawing stuff and talking to all of the fine folks in attendance.  Be sure you swing by and see what they have!

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Photo Set

WOOT WOOT! That’s my boy! A big welcome, Logan, to OOSA.  -A


I’m pleased to announce that Logan Faerber has joined the Out of Step Arts crew. Visit the website to find out more.

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OUT OF STEP ARTS posted this as an ad for out appearance at the Specturm Fantastic Art LIVE show in Kansas City in May… well you can read Neil’s words below. Checkitty check it chumps! /LOVE -A


This is the bio pic I just sent in for the Spectrum Fantastic Art LIVE! event May 18-20 in Kansas City, MO. It features the work of the artists who are planning to be there from the OOSA Crew (Toby, Alexis and Andrew)

I hope you’ll come out and see us!

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I am really excited to announce I signed on with Out of Step Arts…

Neil :iconneil113: at Out of Step is doing a hell of a job representing his crew:

Toby Cypress :icontcypress:
Alexis Ziritt :iconaziritt:
Greg Ruth

I am truly honored to be included in such a line-up, each of these guys are so inspiring for me, and Neil is a truly cool dude.

Please visit the OoSA website: & [link]
and be sure to check out the art in the store. There is some really badass originals in there from those guys right now!


Out of Step Arts will be featured at the Spectrum Fantastic Art LIVE Show in Kansas City in May. At this point we are all planning on going. Should be a blast!

Thanks everyone, much love,