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Photo Set



Sometimes, the stars align and all of the OOSA artist draw the same subject independently of each other.  Whenever this happens, I’m going to collect the images and post them here.  Welcome to the inaugural “OOSA Draws….”. More to come, I’m sure.

Andrew MacLean and Alexis Ziritt drew theirs for this weeks theme over at the Brand New Nostalgia sketch blog.

Greg Ruth drew his for the Criterion Collection DVD THREE OUTLAW SAMURAI.

Toby Cypress drew his (a few years ago) for his new project HATESTREET that he will be devoting most of next year to.

Source: outofsteparts


This week at Brand New Nostalgia { } we honored AKIRA KUROSAWA, the legendary filmmaker. Kurosawa made a handful of classic samurai films. I’m a big fan of the Samurai genre but the only one of his films I’ve seen is Yojimbo. So I decided to just draw a more generic Samurai piece.

I’ve been wanting to do a Samurai piece for a while that would be reminiscent of traditional Japanese samurai art. With the long angled eyes, big round chins, awkward poses, calligraphy, and other ornaments, so I took the opportunity here to take a stab at it.